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Made You Look!

Left-Handed Salute cover
IMG_7131 copy
House concert 2 April 2012
Spectacles on stage
Bob & Andy on Ch. 34
Andy & Bob b&w
1977 U of D onstage

Clockwise from top left: 1) The new album, Left-Handed Salute; 2) On Second Thought, 2020; 3) Unbreakable Heart cover shoot with that Tom Wolfe look; 4) “Notes from Home” house concert with T.R. Ritchie and folk queen Cosy Sheridan; 5) The Spectacles (L. to. R, Andy Sandel, BC, Bob Mellman, Dave Cushing, Billy Karcher); 6) Early days at U. of Delaware; 7) With New Jersey Jackals mascot Jack the Jackal; 8) With Andy Sandel (The Heavyweight of the 88s) at Tierney’s, Montclair; 9) With Andy on Montclair’s Channel 34; 10) Album cover shoot for Unbreakable Heart; 11) Unbreakable Heart, 2012

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